You’ve got an UGLY Bathtub?

We Don’t Replace it…  We Resurface!


In addition to being fast, you will save 50-75% over the cost of replacement. Our customers save thousands of dollars!

Get the high-end look without the high-end cost. We refinish your existing bathtubs, countertops,
showers, floors and tile making them look and feel new!

Imagine your kitchen and bathrooms beautiful again in just 1-2 days.
No messy demolition or long time lines required!

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OPTION 1: ECO-LIQUIDLiner –  Synthetic Porcelain Casting

The ECO-LiquidLiner Synthetic porcelain Technology is by far The ULTIMATE Refinishing method. It lasts practically for over 25 years!  The high tech synthetic porcelain resin  is being poured on the tub and covers as up to 0.16 inch  thickness.  The system is compatible with most cast iron,and steel tubs and sinks.
What you get:

  • Synthetic porcelain surface hard and thick  (.16″)
  • Extreme durability
  • Superior adhesion
  • High gloss
  • Resistant and durable to shower mats and standing water condition.
  • 100% Non Toxic and ODORLESS!!

The ECO-LiquidLiner is X 50  more durable then our Spray-On System and X 10 more long lasting. That makes it the best performing refinishing system. The application takes one day and tub would be ready to be used within 48 hours.

OPTION 2: High Performance Spray-On Reglazing

The Spray-on bathtub refinishing method is a more economic option to resurface and beautify an old or damaged bathtub. This system has been used for decades and still used when the client needs requires a bathtub reglazing in a tight budget considering the limitation of the system.

When using this method we first prep the tub surface by de-greasing, acid etching and performing the body repairs needed. Then, we mask the work area and apply 2 coats of our secret purple bonding agent later we spray 2 coats of Epoxy Primer and finally 3-4 coats of  our High Performance  bathtub coating in High gloss finish.  The coatings applied using HVLP or Airless fine finish spray system that enables factory fine smooth finish.
The final thickness of coating is between 3- 4 mils DFT.
Normally our technician caulks the bathtub with fresh 100% silicon caulking.
The bathtub would be ready for regular use within 24 hours.

This refinishing system is compatible with all bathtub types .  With proper care and maintenance , a bathtub refinished using this system can last between 5-10 years depends on the  amount of usage it gets.

User must avoid using rubber mats or any harsh or abrasive cleaners. standing water must be wiped off. in case of accidental damage , chips must be addressed and repaired to maintain the tub condition.