Acrylic & Fiberglass Repair

Acrylic & Fiberglass bath repair In Montreal

A damage to a brand new or good shape Acrylic / Fiberglass bath fixture can seem like the end of the world. But in most cases we are able to repair the Chip, eliminate the hole or Crack or remove the scratches or discoloration.

We’ve been doing Acrylic and fiberglass repair for home builders and homeowners across the Montreal Metropolitan for over a decade. From a tile dropping into tubs, to soap dishes and towel bars falling off the wall, chips can happen in homes under construction, in homes just built, and in homes lived in for years!

WE are known for our speedy response for emergency repairs for contractors. Our efficient online estimation and quick response team is all catered to the clients that needs a rapid help on the field.

Spot Repair or Full Reglazing

When a Acrylic or fiberglass bathtub or shower surface is brand new it wont be right to resurface the entire surface to eliminate a minor damage. It is advisable to perform a local repair using  the original fixture acrylic material while blending with the rest of the original surface.

We fix cracks, chips, burns, chemical damage, structural issues or deep scratches in your bathtub or acrylic shower. We use only the quality materials and equipment in order to repair the affected area not only cosmetically but structurally as well. Once the repair is completed, the area will look flawless and will show no signs the area was ever even damaged.


This process is designed to remove surface scratching  and stains on your bathtub or shower base. Once buffing is complete the scratches and stains will be gone, and your bathtub or acrylic shower will shine like the day you purchased it. This also makes the surface much easier to clean and maintain due to the renewed gloss surface.


  • Cracks- from hair line cracks to large cracks throughout the entire structure.
  • Burns and deformation
  • holes and tears
  • Deep and minor scratch
  • Flexible bottom enforcement.
  • flexible tub and shower base.
  • Acrylic delamination

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