BEWARE of the DIY Bathtub refinishing KITS

Refinishing your tub is indeed a great choice to give your bathroom a facelift in a relatively very low price. However you must know that there are a lot of DIY product out there that claims to achieve the desired glossy and new surface texture by roller or brush application.  As the customer you must do your own research before making any decision.

Below few facts that were collected just by researching customer reviews online about those products:

  1. To keep the product price low it contains low quality EPOXY low grade finish which is primarily Toxic, smells extremely strong and has poor colour retention.
  2. Applying the proclaimed “Self-levelled” with roller or brush turns out false advertising and all bathtubs done in this method has bumps , strikes and brush/roller marks all over it.
  3. Home owners are not aware of all the refinishing aspects and lacks experience and therefore in most cases performs very poor prep, which fails the application from the get go.
  4. DIY products consists of low grade industrial paints and cures very slow. during curing time it keeps releasing toxic vapours and strong odours.
  5. Few months after the application of a DIY kit , most bathtubs starts turning yellow due too UV reaction .


1. A smooth,glossy  and uniformed surface with no painting marks
2. Almost No odor since we use Low VOC products.
3. Strict Surface prep procedure!! no shortcuts , to ensure successful long term finish.
4. Speedy cure time.  – SURFACE INTEGRITY’s flagship coating is dry and ready to be used within 10 hrs.
5. All it takes is 1 day! your surface will be restored and be back in  within less then 1  day!
6. Excellent UV resistency – We guarantee NO YELLOWING!