What to Do Before We Arrive?

Thank you for booking your bathroom renovation with Us. In order to avoid delays and have a smooth process in place please follow the following instructions before our team of technicians arrives:

  1. Please make sure any leaking faucet is fixed. any dripping after the faucet is closed for 5 minutes is a problem and must be fixed!
  2. please make sure the drain is working properly and not clogged.
  3. Any construction work around the resurfaced surface must be done before we arrive. the only exception is installation of new vanity or toilet which are attached to the refinished surface.
  4. Please Empty the bathroom from all bath items such as soaps, Shampoos, scrubbing pads, towels, shower curtains, wall decors etc.
  5. Sliding doors and all the tracks!!  must be removed ahead of time. We do not Cast bathtubs with sliding doors on
  6. Clean the surface with comet and steel wool and then rinse well. This will help prepare to our preparation process and ensure proper decontamination.
  7. Please sweep and vacuum the floors of the work area before we arrive. Dust and debris is a hard to control and we don’t want it to stick to the refinished surface during our process.
  8. Please make sure no other painting or construction work is going on while we are working. This to prevent any airborne dust and humidity that might affect the finish.