Ceramic Tile walls Refinishing

Ceramic Tile Refinishing is a cost-effective, beautiful and reliable alternative to replacement of bathroom wall Tiles. It is usually coupled with Bathtub Casting service.The process is also known as tile reglazing or tile resurfacing.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing vs. Ceramic Tile Painting – Do you know the Difference?

Painted Ceramic tiles are normally being, brushed or rolled-on with either enamel or epoxy paint. They won’t look as good as professionally refinished tile. They will also not last as long as such, nor feel like real tile.
Streaks, rolling marks, dirt, dust, dull finish, and inconsistencies are just some of the issues you will find on painted tiles.

Professional Ceramic tile refinishing done by SURFACE INTEGRITY is a process which combines through preparation and  industrial spray paint skills. As coatings, we use catalyzed primers, adhesion promoters, and top coats. The main differences between refinishing and painting tiles are durability, surface gloss and uniformity and the surface longevity.

Many older homes in Montreal Area still have old ceramic tiles in their bathroom. Those colored wall tiles have funky colors like pink, green, yellow and blue. Our ceramic wall tiles refinishing system transforms dated bathrooms to a beautiful and clean place to be in no time. Our method can give effective and affordable face-lift solution for almost any wall tiles.

Beautiful shiny walls – Minimum Cost, Time and Mess

IN ONE DAY, SURFACE INTEGRITY can refinish your tiles to complement your decor. Without demolition of the old tiles.

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Ceramic Wall Tiles Refinishing Process

1.The tiles are first cleaned thoroughly, etched for improved adhesion purposes.

2. We fill any grout lines that need it and repair chips. Then we masked off the entire area and begin the spraying process.

3.Two types type of primers are sprayed on the tiles as 3-5 coats of topcoat are applied which completes the process.

4.Masking papers and tapes are removed.All the joints are being caulked carefully to complete the project.

5. The surface will be ready for use in 24 hours.

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