Chip Repair - Porcelain Surfaces

We have been repairing chips in porcelain bathtubs, sinks  in the Montreal area since 2005. Keeping an  implacable reputation for high quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Porcelain bathtubs and porcelain sinks are a solid product. Under the porcelain coating lies a steel or iron mold, onto which the porcelain (ceramic glaze) is fired at 1500 degrees.  The same process is used on stove and range tops. However, despite their nearly indestructible base, porcelain bathtubs and appliances are prone to chipping and scratching.

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chipped bathtub chipped bathtub-fixed

Chip Repair Kits Don’t Work!

Why not just get a chip repair kit at the hardware store?
Chip repair kits are very effective if the results you wish include:

  • Mismatched colors from your porcelain
  • Uneven surfaces and Rough texture
  • A constant reminder that you had a chip in the first place
  • A less durable finish

You’re In Good Hands

With our Bathtub Repair team, you can rest assured that your chip repair is done correctly.  We will custom match each color for consistency; taking into consideration all factors that will affect the finished look and resulting in a repair that is virtually invisible to see. Our customers often say that they cant even see where the bathtub repair or sink repair was made!

Once you call, our specialist will advise you which repair best suits your fixture.
Alternative options may be recommended for fixtures with significant damage.

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