What are tub Overlay?

Tub and shower overlays are a permanent solution to a severe problem. Acrylic overlays are custom made for your tub or shower floor and installed right over the existing damaged bottom.  Super strong waterproof adhesive bonds the overlay to the damaged bottom, to make the tub or shower bottom stronger and more durable than new. This is not a short-term answer- it solves the problem permanently!  Custom overlays are made of tough 1/16 ” thick Acrylic with beveled  edges, rounded corners, & drain cutout. Comes in Off white or Bone. May also be coated to match most colors for an additional charge.

FROTH-PAK – floor structural support system 

What is Froth-Pak?

Froth Pak is an industrial strength two-part spray applied polyurethane foam system, that fills large voids and supports old fiberglass or plastic tub buckling,  underneath, at its base.  An additional  charge will apply.