ECO-CASTING Maintenance guide

Resurfacing your bathtub or sink with us using the ECO-CASTING technology ,would drastically change the surface look and feel. Below, all you need to know on how to keep the bathtub surface looking great and maintaining your guarantee validity.


In the first 48 hours after the installation has been completed 
You must avoid touching the bathtub!

Sink located less than 5 feet from the tub must not be used due to splashing water risk.ignoring this warning and causing damage on the fresh resin will require repair and additional charges.

Toilet located less than 2 feet from the bathtub  must not be used due to risking touching the tub accidentally while sitting on the bawl as well as splashing water while flushing.
Using the toilet within this period would be at your own risk. Any accidental damage on the fresh resin will require repair and additional charges.

Pets and kids access to the bathroom must be restricted for the first 48 hours after the installation due to risk of accidental damage.

The bathroom window must be kept closed for the first 48 hours after the installation.

Do not Clean and do not sweep the floor of the bathroom  for the first 48 hours after the installation.

If Caulking service is not included in the installation the owner is responsible to :

  1. Apply Silicon Caulking if any gaps exists between the bathtub and the tiles
  2. Carefully install back the overflow cap.
  3. Remove the safety blockage from the faucet/shower-head.



The BEST WAY to keep your ECO-CASTED bathtub in its best  is to wipe it dry with a soft absorbing towel after every use.  It helps to prevent soap scum from building up, which is important since it is extremely hard to remove once it hardens.

At least once a week , spray the tub with one of our recommended cleaning products , agitate with a microfiber towel or a sponge or a soft cloth and wait for 2-3 minutes . Finally rinse with hot tap water.

Do not use abrasive pads and abrasive cleaning products!!  the refinished surface is non-porous and will get scratched permanently.

In the case of using a new cleaning product, make sure to review its instructions and compatibility with acrylic bathtubs. In every case you must test it first on a small area  to ensure compatibility. You can always contact our offices by email and consult with our specialist 514-418-0525.


We recommend using the following products:

•    Lysol® Power Bathroom spray Cleaner (contains no bleach)
•    CLR® Bath & Kitchen® spray Cleaner (contains no bleach)
•    Fantastik All purpose cleaner (contains no bleach)
•    Hertel spray Bathroom Cleaner (contains no bleach)



If you usually wash your dog in a tub,its maybe a time to find a different solution since some dogs claws can be sharp enough to scratch the surface.

Washing your pet in the bathtub at your own risk. to minimize risk , put a bathmat and/or a towel on the bottom of the tub and over the ledge to avoid scratches left by dogs’ nails when they climb in or out of the tub. Any accidental damage is not guaranteed and repairing it will be charged.


Even though the ECO-CASTING is chip resistant, it is not Chip or scratch proof! Storing your shampoos, shower gels, soap, etc. is best using a shower caddy or a shelf to prevent an accidental fall.
Try not to leave products, especially Alkaline ones, on the surface, since they might chemically attack it over time. Use a raised holder if you have a built in soap dish.
Try not to use tools or heavy objects near the refinished surface, use protective padding in case they accidentally drop.


In the case that the silicon caulking around the bathtub started to get moldy and old, replacement must be done with caution.

Removing silicon from the surface must be done carefully using plastic blades ONLY!

Replacement will be at your own risk and repairing any damages caused due to it would be charged.
You can always contact us and schedule a professional caulking replacement service. Our technicians have the equipment and the know how to do it safely.