Wall Tiles Reglazing

Tiles Reglazing Specialists In Montreal

Most people are not aware that Tile Walls in your Shower, above your Tub, or Kitchen Backsplash can undergo a complete transformation using an advance and cost effective refinishing procedure .

Whenever there is  a need to remodel a bathroom  face-lifting the ceramic tiles appearance is always a major concern due to the high cost of demolition and labor.  Its common to  believe that the only alternative is to replace. Others who cannot afford expensive renovations, assumes they must leave it the way it is.

Many  older homes in Montreal Area still have surrounding the bathtub, and on countertop , those colored wall tiles, in funky colors like pink, green,yellow and blue. Our refinishing system is guaranteed  solution for any wall or counters tiles.

Beautiful shiny walls – Minimum Cost, Time and Mess

IN ONE DAY, SURFACE INTEGRITY can refinish your tiles to compliment your decor. Without demolition of the old tiles.


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Our standard color is high gloss Bright White .


1.The tiles are first cleaned thoroughly, etched for improved adhesion purposes.

2. We fill any grout lines that need it. In case the tiles requires a complete regrouting, it would involve additional cost. Then we masked off the entire area and begin the spraying process.

3.Different type of primers are sprayed on the tiles as 3-4 coats and 4-5 coats of topcoat are applied which completes the process.

4.Masking papers and tapes are removed and all the joints are being caulked carefully to complete the project.


The big advantage to resurfacing your ceramic tile is that grout lines are covered, but still visible, eliminating mildew problems. You can change the color of your tile for the fraction of the cost of replacing them. The drying time for tiles is  only 24 hours.


If your tiles need to be completely re-grouted, the process will take two days to complete due to the drying time of the grout.


Our price is calculated per square foot but might depends on additional environmental aspects as well such as ,Bathroom space that require extensive masking or job site with access difficulties. Please call our specialists at any time for free consultation.

CALL NOW for more Info: 514-418-0525