Shower Vapor steam Cleaning

Shower Tiles & Grout Vapor Cleaning

Shower Grout and tile cleaning services are proudly offered by Surface Integrity . As a porous substance, grout will absorb dirt, mildew, mold, and lime scale over time. By using our proprietary products and ECO-friendly vapor machines, SURFACE INTEGRITY team will deep clean grout for a fresh and renewed appearance.

We also apply a clear penetrating sealer to protect the grout.  This will facilitate cleaning in the future to keep grout at tiles looking their best!

As a thick colored substance used to  filling the gaps in between the tiles, grout helps brighten an entire room and prevent substances from going under the tiles. When grout becomes dirty, it can make the tile look old and dingy and the surface  can get mildew, mold, and lime scale underneath it. This would cause a huge repair in the flooring, costing money and time to fix.

All tile surfaces require some sort of maintenance, and grout is no exception. By using SURFACE INTEGRITY’s top-of-the-line Vapor equipment and service for your shower tile and grout cleaning services, you can be sure that your grout and tile are going to be well kept and easier to maintain.

You want your tiles and grout to remain clean with no mold or mildew buildup. With SURFACE INTEGRITY’s green vapor technology, all of your grout surfaces will be disinfected to kill all of the germs and bacteria. Your grout will be chemical free and safe for your family for a long period of time. SURFACE INTEGRITY will ensure that your grout is clean and free of any dirt, mildew, mold, and lime scale.
Please note that If your grout is falling a apart , cracking or missing we probably would have to repair or re-grout and apply fresh new grout.

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