Spray-On Bathtub Reglazing in Montreal

No matter what kind of bathtub you have, if you’re interested in resurfacing your tub using the SPRAY-ON system, Surface Integrity is the company to call!
Our Six-layer resurfacing system will leave your tub with a beautiful sheen, and you can use your tub the next day.

The Process

Our technician starts by removing the old caulking , then de-greasing and etching the bathtub. Our prep process ensures eliminating all contaminants from the surface to enable excellent adhesion. We then mask the areas around and starts applying one heavy coat of our unique hi-tech bonding agent + 2 coats of Epoxy Primer + 4 coats of High Performance bathtub coating in High gloss finish. The coatings applied using fine finish spray system that enables factory fine smooth finish. The final thickness of coating is between 4-5 mils DFT.

By the time our equipment is back to the track the bathtub is ready for the final touch of removing the masking and installing fresh new caulking.The bathtub will be ready for use within 24hrs.


With proper care a bathtub refinished using this system can last between 5-8 years depends on the amount of usage it gets.  
In order to extend the tubs life user must avoid using rubber mats.Avoid using abrasive or bleach containing cleaning products.   
Avoid placing shampoo bottles on the tub ledge. Any case of leaking faucet must be fixed promptly. Any standing water must be wiped off at the end of taking a shower.In case of accidental damage , chips must be addressed and repaired to maintain the tub surface integrity.