Permanent Bathtub Resin Casting

Bathtub ECO-CASTING is the latest exciting news in bathtub restoration.  Our synthetic porcelain resin is poured over the surface which not only provides absolute adhesion but is also 20 times thicker than traditional spray-paint refinishing.  This the safest and most durable bathtub reno solution in the market and it’s backed with  LIFETIME WARRANTY. The application takes one day and the bathtub can be used in 48 hours



100% Non-Toxic and Odourless




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The ECO-Casting is X 50  more durable then our Spray-On System and lasts for a LIFE TIME.

If your bathtub looks worn and outdated, why not giving it a face-lift?

Call Today SURFACE INTEGRITY –  Bathtub refinishing Ottawa Experts. Within one day we’ll cast your bathtub and have it look and feel brand new! Our refinishing solution can resolve nearly any problem. Whether your tub is difficult to clean, worn out, damaged or even just in an outdated color – We can do it!


Replacing your tub or shower will require a complete demolition and renovation, costing thousands of dollars. Causing a huge mess that could take days or possibly weeks to finish. The average cost of such an undertaking is over $3,000-$5,000. Having your tub refinished by SURFACE INTEGRITY will cost you a fraction of that!

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WHY Shouldn’t You Refinish your bathtub using Spray paint Method?

As a company, we were in the business of traditional tub spray painting for several years in the previous decade.
we have a first-hand experience of 35 years combined using the spray method for bathtub resurfacing purposes.
We want you to know and be clear that any paint designed for bathtub refinishing (we tried them all)   will peel whenever the following conditions apply.
BE AWARE that along with the cheap cost , your guarantee is worthless if any of the following occurs:

  • Bath-mat usage will void the guarantee and will cause paint peeling.
  • shampoo bottles in the corners  of the tub voids guarantee and may cause peeling
  • Leaking faucet voids the guarantee and will cause peeling
  • un-attended and fixed chip  in the paint voids the guarantee and will cause peeling
  • water around the drain rim will void the guarantee and will cause peeling around the drain.


Looking for permanent solution?
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We use our proprietary permanent bathtub refinishing technology  – The ECO-CASTING which is an ECO-Friendly synthetic porcelain high-grade resin designed specifically for bathtub refinishing. It is Odorless, Very durable, long lasting(over 25 Years) and nearly maintenance Free.
Each bathtub refinished is backed by our LIFETIME  NO PEEL WARRANTY.

One of the best indicators of our quality work and service is our customer’s reviews across the social media. We always try our best to improve and refine our processes and service. Giving our client the most value for their bathtub refinishing investment.

Why are We Different?

Our bathtub refinishing technology is utilizing a  high quality synthetic porcelain resin which has similar properties as real porcelain. We apply the new surface by Liquid Pouring on the bathtub and manually casting the surface.

Any Other company generally use a strong odor urethane solvent base paint and apply it using spray equipment. Urethane coatings are X50 thinner than the ECO-CASTING system and will absorb water in case there are standing water conditions. When Water absorption reaches the original bathtub, the paint will start to peel.
On the other hand, The ECO-CASTING solution blocks water from reaching the original bathtub. Therefore, swimming pools and commercial floors are made of ECO-CASTING resin related materials.

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