While all bathtub manufacturers and distributors, gives only one year warranty against manufacturer defects,  we are confident in our ECO-Casting bathtub restoration technology and proud to back each project with a  10 YEARS MONEY BACK WARRANTY .

Unlike any other bathtub refinishing companies, our warranty covers first and foremost  peeling and failure of adhesion with no standard maintenance exceptions! Our primary commitment is for  a surface that is free of any peeling and adhesion issues!  

Our promise is explicit:




Warranty Terms:

Usage of paint strippers & solvents

Paint strippers ,solvents, hair dye, essential oils etc.  might be strong enough to damage , burn, de-glose or stain the refinished surface. Such damage is not covered by the guarantee although in most cases can be repaired by us for a charge.

Accidental or neglect damages

The ECO-Casting surface is considerably resistant but yet not bullet-proof. Therefore, any damages like chips , scratches, holes etc. caused by falling objects, sharp objects etc. is not covered by the warranty. Dripping faucet which is left unfixed for very long time might cause deformation which is not covered by the warranty.
We can repair these conditions for a charge.

Improper use of shower stickers anti-skid solutions 

We encourage our clients to use bath-mats !  and strongly recommend to remove and dry them frequently rather than use them as permanent fixture. Failing to remove the mat , might cause an uneven wear & tear and staining of the surface under the mat due to constant standing water and mineral deposits. Although these damages aren’t covered by the warranty, we can definitely repair them for a charge.Bath-stickers are prone to uneven wear and attempt to remove them might cause damage.


In cases where caulking application is part of the project we give 1 year standard warranty. In cases of water infiltration in the walls surrounding the resurfaced fixture , any premature caulking failure is not covered by the warranty. We will be willing to come and redo the caulking after solving the water infiltration issues.

Warranty transfer

You can definitely transfer your ECO-Casting warranty to a new owner. In order to complete the transfer , you must transfer a valid invoice  and call us for a confirmation or transfer.


In order to avoid damages and issues please follow the maintenance guide detailed in our website. following the ideal care guide will ensure over 20 years of life span.